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Our Purpose

We exist to bring people into a relationship with Jesus, because His sacrificial death is what gives us life, purpose and identity. One of the ways we accomplish this is through building genuine friendships and community, so that we can encourage each other and grow together through any and all phases of life. Our goal at any Retro service is to present the good news of Jesus in a relatable, life applicable way. 

Relatable approach

The gospel is good news for all.

We choose to present this good news in a relatable, relevant way that is applicable to the lives of those who join us. We are pulling up chairs into each other’s lives; there is no room for pedestals.


Value people

Everyone matters, every time.

We choose to be a church that affirms value into all generations, cultures, ethnicities, and socioeconomic statuses.


Build community

Our Imago Dei identity calls for family.

We choose to be a church where community is cultivated through fostering organic relationships. We statistically live in the loneliest generation on record. Our call to togetherness demands that no one is alone on their journey.


Missional mandate

We choose to be with our city.

We are called not just to be a praying church, but one that is an answer to prayers through meeting the needs of our community.

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Equip leaders

Five fold leadership exists to equip the saints for the work of ministry.

We choose to be a church that multiplies leaders through training and focused mentoring. We are called to raise and release voices of the kingdom into Long Island.


Dream big

The new Covenant calls us to greater things.

We choose to be a church that believes God can do all things, even those that we cannot yet conceive. Our vision will never submit to our circumstance. We will be a house where big dreams destroy apathy.

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