Come build with us.

We are calling out leaders, teachers, musicians and volunteers to join us on this mission. It’s the sacrifices of those now, in the beginning stages, that will pave the way for life change of those who come in the future. We choose to be a church full of workers, not watchers. If you have a heart to serve but are unsure where you'd fit, let us know and we'll work together to find the perfect spot for you!

Long Island is one of the most unchurched areas in the country. We aim to bring God back to culture through presenting His word in relatable ways for all generations to understand, and to show them the love of Jesus through our actions within the community!

What is a launch team?

A launch team is a group of people that will help, well...launch the church.  Together, we will establish the culture of the church, while helping strategize on how to accomplish our goals of the church - to experience and release revival for the glory of God and the good of the city. Part of that is figuring out how to do every step of church with complete excellence, and be a church that would properly represent Jesus - from the moment a guest reaches the parking lot, to the time they leave. 

What are the expectations?

We currently meet weekly on Sundays over zoom to grow together, learn together, and walk towards Jesus together. We also pray for the church, worship God for what He's done and what He's going to do, and discuss the future of the Retro. We want this team to become a family, so the importance of meeting and talking regularly is a priority to help build real, genuine friendships.

What if I want to help but I'm not sure how?

Your desire to serve humbly is way more important than your abilities. Not everyone is called to be a speaker, musician or teacher. If we we're a church of people with all the same abilities, we'd be severely lacking in other important areas! So if it's on your heart to help, but you're not sure how - we'd love to have a conversation with you and together, find the best fit for you! 

What's the next step?

If you're ready to join our launch team, or if you have questions about it - please email us at 

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